New Blackboard Organization from My Tri-C Space

Beginning July 13, 2015, how you interact with Blackboard from My Tri-C Space will change.  

My Tri-C Space is being upgraded, and we’re upgrading how you access your critical Blackboard resources (both faculty and students.)  Now all the core features you needed from the Blackboard tab will be within My Blackboard, which is the page you “land” on immediately after logging into Blackboard.

Check out our fantastic before and after pics below.

Before :(

My Blackboard Page - Before


Screenshot of Blackboard module page after changes
You can find your core faculty resources in the left-hand “channel,” help is in your upper right-hand corner, your updates are right in the middle, and your courses haven’t moved.  There’s a library module and, in the upper left-hand corner, we’ll show you how to access Blackboard using “Global Navigation.”  It lets you easily find your grades and discussion board posts across courses, and lets you customize alerts you want to receive for due dates or assessments.


Flipping Assessment & Other Cool Ways to Gauge Learning

Interested in learning about some great ways to make assessment more collaborative and relevant?  Check out this article from Faculty Focus on ways to flip assessment.

My favorite new idea that I want to implement in my class asap?  Suggestion #2 from author Dr. Susan Spangler:

Have students fill in evidence of learning on their assignment/course rubric. Give students a modified rubric with the articulation for the highest achievement level and leave a blank space for them to write in. This flipped assessment strategy enables students to reflect on their learning and take an active role in the grading process by directing the instructor’s attention to their achievements. Instead of passively “receiving” a grade, students actively guide the instructor in assessing their work in a particular context, one that the students articulate for the instructor. This method, coupled with the last, allows students to participate in authentic assessment situations that they might face in job performance assessments as current or future employees.

Looking for more assessment-related resources?  Check out these links for more info:

And of course, our own examples are posted in the Faculty Instructional Design Toolkit on the Instructional Design Page.

Interested in still more?  Check out this diigo bookmarking list on Assessment, Measurement and Evaluation.


It’s Official….

Following a fourteen-month Learning Management System Review process, Tri-C has selected Blackboard to be its continuing LMS provider moving forward.

There's More to Learn_Blackboard logoThe work has just begun!  We now start a redesign of the training based on faculty feedback, and prepare for the launch of Ultra in 2016.

Thanks for being part of the process!  If you’d like to see any part of the play-by-play, use the search box in the upper right-hand corner with keyword “LMS.”  You can also check out all of the pages under “LMS Review.”


Professor Tamerlano’s IT1025 QM Certified!

Congratulations to Professor Kathy Tamerlano, whose IT1025 course was recently QM Certified!  Quality Matters is a rigorous quality course design process that ensure that an online or blended/hybrid course is high quality.  Quality instructional design is one of the three main components of student success in online environments (engagement and readiness are the other two generally accepted based on research.)

Professor Tamerlano worked with our instructional designer from Eastern Campus – Kristina Ambrosia-Conn in the preparation of the course, so snaps to our trusty ID representing from East as well.

Many thanks to all who participated in this, and congratulations to Professor Tamerlano whose commitment to online course quality drove the whole process.


P.S. In related news, there is an upcoming Applying the Quality Matters Rubric workshop Mount St. Joseph University in Cincinnati, Ohio. The workshop will be conducted on Wednesday, June 10, 2015, from 9 am -3:30 pm. Breakfast and lunch will be provided.

The workshop is free for consortium members, but registration is required. Our workshop facilitator is Kim Hunter from the Mount St. Joseph University.

Workshop participants from external institutions will need to obtain and bring QM Rubrics workbook with them.  (If you are coming from Tri-C, contact and we will provide you with a workbook.)


To register online please email  If you have any additional questions, please contact Kim Hunter at or call (513)244-4248.

15 seats are available — first come, first served. The workshop will be held in Computer Learning Center PC Lab #1 (lower level of the Seton Building).

What’s New in Blackboard? (In Summer 2015)

With the recent Blackboard update, several new functions were added or significantly updated for faculty. Here are four tools that are new or improved in Blackboard this summer. A link to more information from Blackboard Help is available at the end of each paragraph:

Anonymous Grading​New!  With the new Anonymous Grading function, instructors can hide student names from submitted Assignments for anonymous grading. This new option is only for use with new or existing Blackboard Assignments and is set up from the Assignment Grading Options area. Instructors still have the ability in the Grade Center to “Grade with User Names Hidden” for Assignments and Tests/Quizzes.  Learn more about Anonymous Grading from Blackboard Help.

Delegated GradingNew!  The new Delegated Grading option enables instructors to assign specific Instructors, TAs, or Graders in a course to grade a particular set of student Blackboard Assignments. This is helpful for courses with multiple instructors, and can be used in combination with Anonymous Grading. Learn more about Delegated Grading from Blackboard Help.

SafeAssignUpdated!  SafeAssign is now a part of regular Blackboard Learn Assignments. You can choose to use SafeAssign by selecting Submission Details and selecting ” Check submissions for plagiarism using SafeAssign” for any new or existing Blackboard Assignment. Note that SafeAssign reports do not appear for Anonymously graded assignments until all grades are submitted and student identities are revealed. Learn more about the new version of SafeAssign from Blackboard Help.

Student PreviewNew!  Instructors can now view their course as a student in their course site by using the Student Preview tool. This lets instructors see the course from the student perspective without logging out and logging in again with their faculty-as-student accounts. Faculty can use the Student Preview to submit assignments and tests, to create blog, discussion, and journal posts, and to view the My Grades area from the student perspective. Faculty can also choose whether to keep or discard the preview user and its data when exiting the Student Preview view of the course. Learn more about the Student Preview tool in your Blackboard course sites from Blackboard Help.

As always, some aspects of Blackboard may not work as they should. Visit the Known Issues page for a current list of Blackboard issues. If you are experiencing an issue and don’t see it listed on the Known Issues page, please contact us at or (216) 987-4257.

Blackboard Upgrade Successfully Completed

Good morning!  If you’re logging into Blackboard, there has been an upgrade that improved the use of iframes and improved some other functionality.  As always, if you notice something odd, or have an issue to report, please email

Thank you to Genevieve Kilmer, our LSA, Alex, Ace, and the whole ITS team for assistance in testing!


Reminder – Blackboard Upgrade

Blackboard will be unavailable for maintenance from 4am – 12pm on May 15, 2015

In preparation for the upcoming Summer 2015 term, the Office of eLearning & Innovation and Information Technology Services will be applying updates to Blackboard on Friday, May 15.

To complete these updates, Blackboard will be unavailable the morning of Friday, May 15 between 4am-12pm.

After the updates, faculty and students will see some new and enhanced Blackboard functionality. These new improvements will include new Anonymous Grading and SafeAssign options.  We’ll be sharing more about what you can do with these options throughout the next few weeks.

There are also always unexpected surprises.  If you notice anything strange, please contact

Thank You to Prof. Diane Gaston for her AMAZING Work on the LMS Review

I’m taking this opportunity to do a big shout-out to Professor Diane Gaston, whose name was inadvertently missing from the acknowledgements for the LMS Review Taskforce.  If you’ve been following the work we’ve done over the past year, you know how very integral she was to our process, and it is with deep chagrin that her name was omitted.

She was essential to the success of the Student Experience Workgroup as well as a huge asset to the communications on West and a leader within the Taskforce during the entire project.

BIG snaps and thank yous to Diane, and many apologies for the inadvertent omission!


More QM Training Opportunities

Another Applying the Quality Matters Rubric FREE training opportunity for Ohio QM Consortium member schools, this one at the University of Cincinnati Clermont College on June 2.

Check out the full flyer including instructions on how to register.  For Tri-C faculty (full and part-time), please contact in order to get your workbook, the cost of which we will cover for you.

Let me know if you have any questions!


Summer 2015 Blackboard Updates – Coming on May 15

Now that the Spring semester is coming to an end, it is time to do some Blackboard updates!

The Office of eLearning & Innovation and Information Technology Services will be applying updates to Blackboard on Friday, May 15. To complete these updates, Blackboard will be unavailable on Friday, May 15 between 4am-12pm.

After the updates, faculty and students will see some new and enhanced Blackboard functionality. These new improvements will include new Anonymous and Delegated Grading options and SafeAssign options that are integrated into all Blackboard Assignments.

Faculty – if you want to know more about these new tools, you can read more in Blackboard’s Help pages:

Watch this blog in the coming weeks for more information about these and other changes to Blackboard at Tri-C!

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