What can we learn from video games, and apply to teaching and learning?

A really great article and video clip on learning from video games from the Chronicle of Higher Education.

5 Teaching Tips for Professors—From Video Games

By Jeffrey R. Young

Learning is no game on today’s college campuses. It’s serious work that many students dread. Yet when those same students play video games like World of Warcraft, they happily spend hours on difficult tasks, and actually learn quite a bit in the process.

Granted, what those gamers learn is how to cast spells and fell dragons, which hardly counts toward a college degree. But Constance Steinkuehler argues that there’s a good model of teaching in those popular amusements.

Full article available at http://chronicle.com/article/5-Lessons-Professors-Can-Learn/63708/?sid=at&utm_source=at&utm_medium=en.

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