Engaging more students with interactive technology

This is a great brief article from Wired Campus on the use of clickers.

How Interactive Technology Can Help Minority Students Learn

By Mary Helen Miller 

From his experience teaching at a historically black university, James L. Ellenson says that interactive technology can help engage minority students. Mr. Ellenson, an adjunct associate professor of chemistry at North Carolina Central University, will deliver a lecture on the topic on Saturday at the “Teaching the Millennial Student” conference at Spelman College. He thinks that using “clickers,” the handheld devices that let students key in answers to multiple-choice questions, has particular advantages. The answers are displayed, without the students’ names, at the front of the classroom.

Q. You say minority students are often hesitant to speak up in class. Why?

A. You don’t want to either admit your ignorance on the subject or you don’t want to take the risk of being wrong, because you’ll suffer some social consequences for that. Even more insidious is the fear of being right.
The social pressures are such that standing out as an academic performer is apparently not as admired as, let’s say, athletics or something like that.

Full article available at http://chronicle.com/blogPost/How-Interactive-Technology-Can/21932/?sid=wc&utm_source=wc&utm_medium=en

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