Student-created video parody of ‘The Office’

This is an interesting student expression of their perspective of the use of technology in higher education. These students created this video as part of their journalism studies course. Does this represent you? Do you feel you students could identify? What can we learn from this “student feedback”?

February 9, 2010, 03:00 PM ET

Class Produces Parody of ‘The Office’ to Highlight Challenges of Teaching With Technology

By Jeff Young

Wired Campus

Students at the University of Denver created a parody video essay — in the style of the popular TV show “The Office” — to show their frustrations with technology in the classroom and urge professors and students to work together to make classes more lively.

Many of the scenes in the six-minute video will probably seem familiar to anyone who has sat in on a college class in recent years: a professor funbles with his PowerPoint presentation, a student goofs around on Facebook during the lecture, and another student complains about being required to buy laptops when the devices are rarely used for assignments.

Full article available at

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