Maybe books won’t become extinct…

This is a great article/video discussing the use of embedded hyperlinks in printed books. Will books adapt or die? Who knows, but their odds of survival just increased ten-fold with this innovation.

Wired Campus

May 28, 2010, 12:37 PM ET

Purdue Professor Embeds Hyperlinks in Printed Books

By Mary Helen Miller

People who prefer print books over e-books may still want extra digital material to go with them. That’s the idea behind Sorin Matei’s project, Ubimark, which embeds books with two-dimensional codes that work as hyperlinks when photographed.

So far there’s just one book available in English, Around the World in 80 Days, with the bar-like codes. (See a YouTube demo here.) A collection of scholarly essays in Romanian, Mr. Matei’s native language, will be available soon. Mr. Matei, an associate professor of communication at Purdue University, says that the initial book is just “an exercise in pushing the envelope as far as we can,” and that scholarly publications will be available in the future with the embedded feature.

Full article available at

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