New LinkedIn Tool Helps College Students Visualize Their Career Paths

LinkedIn is releasing a tool that may be embraced by Career Services departments at colleges nationwide. The new tool, Career Explorer, will help students build their professional network before graduation. It does this by identifying common characteristics of other LinkedIn users who have been successful in the student’s field (common internships, programs, employers, degrees, etc.).

This seems like a great new tool. Do your students use LinkedIn?


October 3, 2010

New LinkedIn Tool Helps College Students Visualize Their Career Paths

LinkedIn_logo.jpgLinkedIn has launched a tool aimed at current college students that the company says will provide students with “unique, data-driven insights to help them build their careers.” LinkedIn’s Career Explorer is a collaborative effort between the professional network and professional services and accountancy firm PwC.

Career Explorer aims to help students chart their potential career paths and to help them build a professional network pre-graduation. Based on data aggregated from LinkedIn’s 80 million members, Career Explorer will map out the paths that others in similar fields have taken. It will also offer resources including relevant job opportunities, salary information, and educational and experience required in certain industries or fields.

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// The Career Explorer tool will also point to those within students’ networks who may be in a position to help them advance their careers.

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