Enhanced ebooks take giant book fair by storm

Over the past decade, different mediums have quickly become digitized. We take pictures with our cell phones and digital cameras. We listed to music with our computers and iPods. We stream movies over the Internet. We make phone calls with Skype and Google. Old forms of media have now been reinvented and absorbed into something new and different. The really cool thing is, now that these old forms of media have been digitized, we can now combine them into new forms of media. Below is an excerpt from an article about enhanced ebooks. It explores some of the ways publishers are now developing media rich electronic books, which feature books, movies, and in some cases, even games.


October 6, 2010

Enhanced eBooks Take Giant Book Fair By Storm

Is it a book? Is it a film? Is it a game? Or all three? Publishers and authors at the world’s biggest book fair are battling to entice a new generation of readers with the latest multimedia products.

That the electronic book reader has turned the book industry on its head is well known. Younger readers are no longer content to thumb through a printed book. The 21st century iPad generation wants interaction and variety.

But talk of the “ebook” that has dominated the Frankfurt Book Fair in recent years has given way in 2010 to excited chatter about the so-called “enhanced ebook”, a mixture of the traditional book, audio, video and game.

“In five years, books will be more often crossmedia products: with embedded sound, animated pictures, Internet links and … possible a gaming component, like alternative reality games,” said Juliane Schulze, from peacefulfish, a consultancy.

Some of the book world’s most celebrated names are already embracing the new format.

Ken Follett, one of the industry’s hottest authors, is expected to present a “multimedia-enhanced” version of his bestseller “The Pillars of the Earth” at this year’s fair.

Full article available at http://goo.gl/Qn7G

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