Because we all love a good quality product…

Quality Matters logoHow much does quality matter?  To a student, it matters a whole lot, and that’s why our faculty are committed to make online and hybrid courses better and better!

To that end, Tri-C is a subscribing institution of Quality Matters.  We have Certified Peer Reviewers among our faculty and staff, and eight courses nationally recognized by Quality Matters!

Quality Matters Rubric has eight main standards for quality in online course design.  This is not course delivery – meaning it doesn’t have anything to do with how an instructor teaches, facilitators, or manages their live course.  Quality Matters is focused only on the instructional design of the online course.  Three of our eLi team presented at the regional QM Conference in Columbus, Ohio.  One of these presentations was on the Low-Hanging Fruit in the QM Rubric.  Check out the basics of the presentation in this Prezi. As a side benefit, you’ll also be able to enjoy one of our recommended free tech tools in action!

Picking the Low-Hanging QM Fruit

Check out this Slideshare presentation on new directions for QM!

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