Tri-C Facebook App

Sandy Moses and Tri-C StudentsYesterday the talented folks from eLearning and Innovation (totally impartial judgement of course,) were at our four campuses promoting the… (drumroll…)

Tri-C Facebook App!

Designed JFS (Just For Students) this app is a great way for students to connect with folks in their own program, with similar interests, or connect on various Tri-C topics.

Encourage your students to join!  They might have time in between bouts of Farmville.

2 thoughts on “Tri-C Facebook App”

  1. If faculty join the Tri-C Life on Facebook (is it a group or a list?) do they no longer have a traditional Facebook account? Or is it accessed on a group page? It does not appear to be an app from the sign-in page which is on a web browser. It appears to be part of the Facebook site.

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