To honor the memory of an intrepid innovator –

Five eli staff with iPads

Here at eLearning and Innovation, we can get pretty geeked out about technology, and passionate about how it can be used to better the education and lives of our students.  What we do is largely driven by what can be done – what technology tools we have, and how we can apply those to inspire learning, enhance learning, and make learning more effective.

Yesterday, the world received news that it lost one of the most influential innovators of our time.  Steve Jobs drove consumer technology forward and created tools for needs we didn’t even know we had due to his remarkable imagination.

Here, you will find the text of an address he made at a Stanford commencement ceremony.

The photo above is of several of our eLi staff with our beloved iPads, from left to right:  Kevin Dranuski, Dr. Dull, James Gayhart, Genevieve Mathieson Kilmer, and Sasha Thackaberry.

Taken – appropriately – on an iPhone.  

Our touchscreens are raised to you, Steve Jobs!

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