Can you tweet, chat, and chew gum at the same time?

twitterHow about two out of three?  

There are some great Twitter Chats out there about online education, higher ed, and technology.  Twitter chats are synchronous chat sessions between individuals and organizations using tweets as their vehicle for communication, (140 characters or less, so you have to be direct.

Check out the Twitter Chat run by Inside Online Learner here.

Need a TweetChat client?  (This is a real thing.  It’s a site that helps you visually organize all those tweets.)  Check out the TweetChat client here.

Want to view a chat report on the 10/19/2011 session focused on “Regarding the Online College Experience?”  We’ve got that link too!

We’ve also got the link to the archive of previous IOL Twitter chats.  

A big, bad shout out to our Senior Programmer/Analyst James “Ace” Gayhart for sharing this info!

Because, as we all know, two out of three ain’t bad. . .


One thought on “Can you tweet, chat, and chew gum at the same time?”

  1. Thanks so much for highlighting #IOLchat! I serve as a moderator and hope you’ll join us for an upcoming session. Participating in this and other live Twitter events is a great way to expand your personal learning network and discuss topics of interest with others in the field. Thanks again! – Melissa

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