I’m thankful for. . . (insert favorite technology tool here)

Think about it – what technology tools are your best friends?  What could you not get through your day (happily) without?  I’ll start the list, and you add on.  Add links, thoughts, graphics, ideas, whatever.

What technology are you thankful for?

dropbox logoI am thankful for Dropbox.  It started as a casual use to throw up a few files into the cloud, but now I really appreciate the way it is web-based OR downloadable.  I appreciate how I can access my files from home, office, iPad, netbook, laptop, or desktop.   I am thankful for being able to organize my files, and share with other Dropbox users, without accidentally sharing my holiday shopping list with the comprehensive list of committee members from work.  Thank you Dropbox!  If you want to be thankful for Dropbox, too, you can start a free account by following this link.

Let us know what technology you are thankful for!

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