Tweet about mobile learning…

sigml logoAre you on Twitter?  Consider following ISTE SIGML’s tweets.   Their handle is @sigml, and you can follow this link to follow them.

What does sigml do?  Sigml is an initiative of ISTE – the International Society for Technology in Education.  It is a special interest group that focuses solely on mobile learning initiatives.

This great quote from their website encapsulates their purpose and driving force:  Mobile technologies are bigger than the Internet. The Internet changed everything; but the Internet is just a roadway. If you don’t have a car, the roadway is useless. Mobile Technologies are the cars for the Internet world! Mobile technologies are growing 50% a year – data rates, advertising imporings, sales of smartphones – nothing growes at 50% a year! Except mobile technologies.  You can check out their full website wiki here.

They’re also starting a database of websites specific to mobile learning.  Have one to add?  Check out this page and submit a website!

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