QR codes are the new pink

So, you’ve probably seen these black and white things that look like the test page that your barely functioning printer from 1999 prints out every single time you turn it on.  (Or is that just me?)

These are called QR codes and they are becoming more and more common.  Do you use them?

This is the QR code for eLi’s blog.  If someone uses a QR reader on their mobile device, it brings up this site.  You don’t have to enter a website URL.

This blog post from Blogging About the Web 2.0 Connected Classroom does a great job of providing a synopsis of what QR codes are, and why you would want to use them.  The brief selection below is from that post (incidentally from almost a year ago, these little guys are all over the place now.)

Simply, put it is a 3D barcode. It’s a much more sophisticated version of the barcode on your bag of Lays Potato Chips. QR Codes are popping up everywhere and are gaining in popularity in education.

Because QR Codes can contain up to 4000 characters of information you can put a ton of information in just one code. For example, it could be something as simple as a web address. 

This great YouTube video illustrates how one college used QR codes to promote their mobile app.  Take a view to check out what students and faculty think about it!

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