Did you get an iPad for the holidays? Did you want one? What if every student and faculty member used them?

How would you teach, learn, or interact differently?  When we talk about technology in education, are we even asking the right questions?  Can I ask one more right now?

But seriously, tablet computing may be changing the landscape of American education before anyone is ready for it.  And it’s not just about the digital natives, those younger folk that are used to touchscreens and to whom the “floppy disk” icon just means “save.”  It’s about doing things “better, faster, stronger.”  And not just because I’m a Daft Punk fan*.  Because doing things better – dramatically better – is the whole point.

Check out the below video that illustrates some of the educational opportunities that come alive with tablet computer.  Yes – it’s a commercial for the iPad 2 – BUT regardless of what your favorite hardware shop is (get it – hardware!) tablet computing is portable, engaging, interactive media.

*Please note that Daft Punk is not affiliated with the Office of eLearning and Innovation.

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