anymeeting web shot

Have you had any meeting? I had my first any meeting today!

anymeeting logoYes, I know.  Any meeting is one meeting too many!  I could go on, but I get a limit on the amount of puns I can use in one day, and – sadly – I have reached the max already (making jokes about apps.)

Long story short, anymeeting is a free virtual meeting software that I am quite liking.  It was easy to use, easy to set up, and it was free.  It had an intuitive, simple interface, and it was free.  It combined video and screensharing easily, and it was free.   You can record your meeting – they’ll even host the recording for you –  you can have up to 200 participants in one meeting, and did I mention that it’s also free?

Check out their full website at:

It does have a small vertical strip of ads on the right-hand side, but they were less distracting than I thought they would be, and you can always pay a monthly fee for the upgrade.  Plus, the ads actually pay for the “free”, so it doesn’t really bother me, as long as there’s nothing wildly inappropriate, and there never is.

Where’s a good pun when you need one?

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