Want to augment your reality? A new app lets you see the world in a new way! (And create your own reality.)

In a way, we all create our reality.  Some are more fact-based than others, (I’m sure you know what I mean.)


Now, however, you can reveal a whole new world using your smartphone with a camera.

Aurasma is a radical new technology that allows you to reveal hidden messages, and create your own for others to reveal.

Click on the logo, or HERE, to check out their website for yourself.  This quote – from their “What is it” page – encapsulates the potential of the technology.

Using the smartphone’s camera, GPS, compass, accelerometer and internet connection, the technology combines image recognition and a conceptual understanding of the 3D world to recognize objects and images and seamlessly merge augmented reality actions into the scene. Without the need for barcodes or tags, the app is able to see its surrounding environment and make it fully interactive.

While the reviews seem to indicate that there’s still some work to be done to make it seamless, it is revolutionary.  Check out the demo:

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