Motion Capture Lab Pic 4

Gaming goes to the Ohio River!

Motion Capture Lab Pic 4

This past Monday – February 27 – several folks from Tri-C headed down to Shawnee State University in Portsmouth, Ohio, to check out their gaming facilities and program.

Our A-Team from Tri-C included Charles Dull, Mace Mentch, Allen Trethewey, Marty Walsh, and  yours truly Sasha Thackaberry.  There, we met Jeff Bauer, Dean of Faculty Research, who was a wonderful host, highlighting their facilities, gamin labs, and motion capture lab.  We viewed classes including Greg Lyons’ character animation class, and toured the motion capture lab with Jason Witherell.

Motion Capture Lab Pic 1

We shared some of the upcoming ideas and projects that Tri-C has in the works, and discussed some possible opportunities for partnerships.
Alan Trethway and Marty Walsh
The program at Shawnee State University
blends learning the actual game programming with art and design classes, with a great deal of integration and inter-departmental collaboration, ensuring that students have the necessary skills and knowledge to be successful in a career in gaming.

Our Kung Fu fighting faculty joined in on the fun, and we all learned a great deal.
Many thanks to all who participated in this learning activity!

Greg Lyons, Chair, Fine and Performing Arts
Jason Witherell, Assistant Professor in Engineering Technology
Jeff Bauer, Dean Faculty Research
Carl Hilgarth Chair, Dept. of Engineering Technologies

Lab Projector Pic

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