Digital textbook program expands access at Tri-C!

Textbook Affordability at Tri-C

A big shout-out to our own Dr. Royal, Associate Vice President of eLearning and Innovation at Cuyahoga Community College, for her article on the Digital Textbook Program in Community College Week’s “Learning-Centered TECH.”   The article has primo-placement on pages 3 and 4 and highlights the Flat World Knowledge pilot with the University System of Ohio at Tri-C, all focused on expanding access and affordability for textbooks at Tri-C.  On page 4, she highlights the case for textbook affordability

Textbook costs represent a high financial hurdle for community college students. If they have to buy a $175 book for one course, it is easy to see how textbooks can cost more than tuition. As a result, many students avoid buying books, which can lead to poor academic performance.

Take a moment to check out the full article, and become part of the growing group of faculty and staff supporting textbook affordability and Open Educational Resources.  What is Flat World Knowledge?  Check it out below:

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