Solving the puzzle of retention for online students

What is the key ingredient in retention for students in online courses?  Can it even be pinpointed?  When we talk about retention among students, how can we compare apples to apples when online courses and programs of study tend to be more attractive to nontraditional students, who are balancing a variety of priorities and have varying levels of preparation.

What’s the solution?  Check out this particle in Pearson’s Academic Executives Blog that explores some concrete, research-based solutions.  (Hint: course design is one!)

2 thoughts on “Solving the puzzle of retention for online students”

  1. Maybe the apples should be learning not mode or life experience, if it is then retention means the same thing

  2. Great article on the relevance (and importance) of course design to online student retention.

    “When it comes to enabling students to succeed, everything is connected. Course design that enhances student success and learning can’t take place without faculty training in such course design. Instructors in higher education receive very little formal pedagogical training as it is; they receive even less training—and sometimes none at all—in online pedagogy (Levine and Sun 2002).”

    In this respect, Tri-C is ahead of the curve.

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