New Learning Models – When Innovation and Technology Meet in the Classroom

In case you’re not a Tri-C faculty or staff member, and/or weren’t able to make it to Convocation, check out all the great links and info on the “What’s New” page.

A description of our presentation:  Discover how innovations in learning can leverage student success.  Explore new learning models that incorporate edugaming, badges, Open Educational Resources, mLearning and more.   A virtual, asynchronous panel of experts including Sir Ken Robinson, Richard Baranuik, Jane McGonigal, and Sebastian Deterding will share their vision for the future of learning in this media-rich, interactive presentation. 

Intrigued?  Of course you are!

Also, if you are from Tri-C, check out the “Speed Gaming” presentation this Thursday, August 23, from 9:30 – 11:30 AM, and my presentation on “NextGeneration Learning” from 10 AM – 10:45 AM at the Metro TLC 153.


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