Prior learning – what’s up with that?

You may have heard a lot of buzz about colleges responding to the need to provide credit for prior learning experiences – like work experience or informal learning.  The idea is that these real-world experiences that students (mostly adult learners) have had should be looked on as skill development and information acquisition and application – just like college classes.  It seems to make sense, so why is there all this controversy surrounding it?

Anything that makes major changes in the way the educational system works is often controversial when first proposed.  In the new world of education that we’re moving towards, perhaps it won’t be so foreign.

Check out these links and gather your own conclusions:

College Credit Without College from Inside Higher Ed

Check out this article on Prior Learning Assessment from Wikipedia

This is American Council on Education’s page on PLA.

This article – also from Higher Ed – focuses on MOOCs and college credit.

This study, reported on by the CollegeBoard, shares how a new study reveals students with PLA do much better in college.

Heard of edupunks?  This link takes you to a free download for “The Edupunk’s Guide to a DIY Credential.”

Or, if you want a cool new visual way to check out these links, check out the board I created for it with even more resources HERE.

Signing off from one edupunk to another – Sasha

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