Congratulations US! Tri-C receives MOOC grant from Gates Foundation!


Yay!  Yesterday, the Gates Foundation announced that Tri-C was awarded one of three MOOC grants awarded to community colleges nationally!  The project includes 10 colleges total, the goal of which is aimed at investing in scaling post-secondary education.

This is Tri-C’s FIRST experimentation with Massively Open Online Courses!

Want to read more?

This is the formal announcement from the Gates Foundation.

This is the information from Quality Matters about the project.  It will be the first time that Quality Matters is involved in a MOOC!

Want to hear it from Inside Higher Ed?  Check out their article HERE.

Our very own has info on it too!  Check out their article HERE.

Want to know more about Tri-C’s MOOC, what we’re doing and how we’re doing it? We’re currently crafting an FAQ to help answer any questions faculty might have about MOOCs, and this MOOC at Tri-C!

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