Tri-C’s MOOC Enrollment is OPEN!

You can now register for Tri-C’s first ever MOOC in Pre-Algebra!  The first MOOC goes live on Monday, March 4.  

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Welcome to to Believe Island, Tri-C’s first massively open online course (MOOC) and a land where students believe they can accelerate to college-ready coursework and obtain the degree or certificate program of their choosing!

Tri-C received funding from the Gates Foundation for Expediting the Transition into Mainstream College Coursework for Massive Numbers of Developmental Education Students. Tri-C has been designing and developing the MOOC with faculty and staff) which focuses on Pre-Algebra, (corresponding with some of the lower level Developmental Math content). This non-credit MOOC will run four times and is completely free for students (and open worldwide to anyone):

• Session 1: March 4 – March 30

• Session 2: April 1 – April 27

• Session 3: May 6 – June 1

• Session 4: June 3 – June 29

Check out the MOOC Page for more details.  And happy learning!

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