Course Copy Functionality Enabled!

In an effort to improve functionality and usability of Blackboard Learn for faculty, we have enabled Course Copy for all faculty users of Blackboard.

Course Copy is the ability to copy whole courses or content areas from one course to another. Use Course Copy when you want to duplicate an entire course or duplicate an entire content area (or course menu button). To use Course Copy, you must have the instructor role on both course sites. The source site is the site that contains the content you want to copy. The destination site is the site where you want to send the content.

Please find step-by-step instructions on how to effectively use Course Copy functionality HERE.  (This document is hosted in SkyDrive, so opening it with Internet Explorer or Firefox with Adobe plugin is recommended.  The default Adobe reader in Chrome will not allow the document to appear.)

Please let the Office of eLearning and Innovation know if you have any questions related to the usage of this new functionality.

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