Ready . . Set . . Teach!

Here are a few tips for getting your online and hybrid courses ready for fall semester!

  1. Review course content before rolling over your course.
  2. Review any publisher content  before adding it to your course site.
  3. Make sure you are assigned to the course in Banner before attempting to complete the course site request.
  4. Make sure your Teaching for Online Learning workshops are complete.
  5. Be sure to enter cartridges requests into the request form.
  6. After your site has been created be sure to review course contents. Click here for the Course Checklist
  7. Remember to remove any old Announcements, due dates, and old discussion board posts.
  8. Be sure to set/modify the availability settings on all content and folders.
  9. Top off the course with a new welcome announcement, new syllabus, and updated contact information.
  10. Finally be sure to log into your course as a student on the first day of class and make sure students can access add-ons like Study-mate and SoftChalk.

Have a great semester and if you need assistance support staff are available at (216) 987-4257

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