Copy/Cut/Paste Functionality Update

Trouble copying and pasting in Blackboard text editor?  On the Academic Image, we recommend using Internet Explorer, which seems to have the fewest issues.

If you or your students have been experiencing difficulties in browsers with the copy/paste functionality, be sure to use the keyboard shortcuts, which appear to be fully functional on all three versions of the browsers installed on the Academic Image when copying/pasting from a document into the browser.

In Firefox and Chrome, it does not work to copy/paste from one part of the browser to another.   You can use the workaround to copy from either browser, paste into Word, then recopy from Word, and paste into the text editor window in the browser.

When copying/pasting from documents, the keyboard shortcuts appear in pop-up boxes when cut/paste is attempted via right-click in the body of the text editor. See the picture below.

Cut Paste Copy Screenshot

Use the following keyboard shortcuts to resolve this issue:

  • To copy:  Control + C (or Command + C)
  • To paste:  Control + V (or Command + V)
  • To cut:  Control + X (or Command + X)

2 thoughts on “Copy/Cut/Paste Functionality Update”

  1. Copy / Paste is also not working in Google Chrome. Using the Command/Control keys as suggested does not work either. The intermediate step of going to Word does work but is time consuming.

    1. Good Morning Professor Bennett:
      I had the same result in Google Chrome on my Mac. We’re recommending using IE, as that seems to be the most functional. The cut/paste/copy into Word and back again does work but is – as you mention – time consuming. Please use IE for best results, particularly on the academic image.
      Firefox has the added challenge of not being able to copy/cut/paste from one Firefox window (or even same window) into another, regardless of keyboard shortcuts. It will, however, cut/paste from Word, etc., directly using the keyboard shortcuts.
      If you’re copying from another course (such as an item, folder, etc.), we’re recommending you use the “copy” feature within Bb to save time. You can find the step-by-step documentation here. Scroll down to the section named “How to Copy and Move Content Items.”
      Thanks – I’m going to make that clarification in the post itself.
      THANK YOU also, for posting here. Please refer other faculty to the blog for the most up-to-date information as we’re reporting new things all the time.

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