Teaching for Online Learning – Workshop B wins Best of Show

NEO STC logoCongratulations to Cheryl Knight, Instructional Designer, for winning not only Distinguished, but also a Best of Show recognition for the Teaching for Online Learning: Planning, Teaching, and Managing your Course entry awarded by NEO STC (neostc.org).  The entry won in the Instructional Materials Category.

The purpose of the course is to provide support to faculty to design, develop, and deliver high quality online and blended learning experiences.  Participants investigate the syllabus in the online environment, intellectual property, student conduct, copyright, and FERPA, as well as student interaction and engagement.  Participants also learn about Blackboard features for teaching effectively online and creating an instructional design document known as an alignment map.  The final component of the workshop is to design and create a single lesson in a Blackboard course site to help prepare instructors for the first time they teach an online or blended course.

Faculty are required to complete this workshop at Tri-C before they are eligible to teach an online or blended course. The workshop’s design and development of the workshop were originally funded through a Title III grant; however, the current version has been redesigned with in house resources.   How do you judge an NEO STC best of show award? You compare each entry to the ideal of its own type. The NEO STC best of show award recognizes the one entry that surpasses all others of its type.  Judges look at the design of the material, writing, and overall effectiveness of the work.

For more information please see the NEO STC awards page  or contact Cheryl Knight at Cheryl.knight@tri-c.edu.

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