MOOC Grant Report – What were the results of that MOOC anyways?

At long last, we’ve analyzed the first level data and have some encouraging results to share regarding our experiment with the MOOC.

We had an 18.4% completion/success rate – over double the national average for MOOCs.  We reached our target audience, with many high school students, as well as many adults with some college credit.  About a quarter of MOOC participants were enrolled in a degree program of some sort – the majority at the associate’s degree level.

How did it work out for Tri-C students?  Of the Tri-C students who took a pre- and post-test (a very small sample size of 13!), over 75% either improved their dev ed course placement or tested out of developmental math entirely – a fantastic finding, as the course itself does not cover content designed to take a student to college-level math!

Learn more by reading the full report to the Gates Foundation HERE.

Want to learn more about the MOOC, the process, and how to check it out for yourself?  Visit the MOOC page.

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