Update to the Update on Adobe Connect

After a substantial amount of time working with Adobe, it appears that:

  1. The problem with the non-functioning recorded meeting links are a known issue on Adobe’s end.
  2. Adobe did not inform us of the known issue associated with the upgrade, it was not in the information, and it did not appear in our test environment.
  3. Additionally, the version that we updated to is not functioning in Firefox 26.  Also on Adobe’s end.
  4. Their own critical tech support told us, today, that there were no known issues with Firefox, only to come back after further investigation indicating that indeed they knew about it.  Adobe released a fix in the form of update 9.1.2, (the version numbers are just similar to Blackboard 9.1 by chance, the systems are not integrated).
  5. 5.      We are going to apply the Adobe upgrade version 9.1.2 on Friday, January 3, which allegedly will fix the Firefox-related issues.
  6. We are trying to come up with manual options for how to fix recorded webinars.
  7. If there are webinar recordings, the solution appears to be to access the recording.  Generally, the first time it will not play.  The second time – in MOST cases – it will play correctly.

Again, our sincere apologies for the inconvenience.  This has been very frustrating for those of us who believe in the enabling power of technology for students and faculty.

I would like to thank the eLearning Tech team, and a big shout out to the folks from ITS (copied on this email), who were working tirelessly all through their holiday preparation weekend in an attempt to resolve this.

We’re focused on making technology a vehicle for improved teaching and learning.  We will continue to do our very best to support our students and faculty.  Please continue to keep us updated as you work with your recorded webinars.


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