eLi TechFest 2014

logo_smalleLi TechFest 2014 is HERE!

Come out and let us edu-tain you!  eLi is rolling out the red carpet for you.  You’ll munch on popcorn and movie theater candy all while screening the newest etech the college has to offer and getting a peek at upcoming initiatives, in a completely non-boring way.

Click on “Pilots and Initiatives: > “eLi TechFest” for more info including campus locations and times, or click on the following link: https://elearningandinnovation.com/pilots-and-initiatives/eli-techfest/ 

6 thoughts on “eLi TechFest 2014”

    1. Hi Margorie-

      We’ll be posting the movie as well afterward. If you can, consider coming at another campus. It should be a fun and engaging time. With popcorn. And movie theater candy – got to love it! – Sasha

  1. I won’t be on campus until March 6-10. Will this be viewable later?

    Gloria C. C. Britton

    Adjunct Professor Earth Science

    Cuyahoga Community College Western Campus


    1. Good question! We’re actually going to post all of the videos online. We can also post the overall “movie” if you think folks would be interested.

      Buuuutttt… if you make it to campus you’ll get popcorn and movie theater candy while learning about everything. It’s a little theatrical so it should be fun!

      Also I just sent you an email. Like 2 minutes ago.


  2. Hi Sasha,
    I was going to plan on attending this event when it was at West but we scheduled a DL meeting from 1-2. Can you make the movie available online? Thanks!

    Samuel H. LiPuma
    Associate Professor of Philosophy/Humanities
    Cuyahoga Community College
    Western Campus
    11000 Pleasant Valley Road
    Parma, OH 44130-5150

    1. Sure thing! I’m trying to entice folks to come though. It will be an educational production! Also, you can come to Westshore! Or Metro! We are attempting to actually obtain a red carpet. -Sasha

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