Breaking News – LMS Review

Have you heard?  The Tech Forum Governance Committee has adopted a Learning Management System (LMS) Review as a charge for 2014.  The institution has not previously investigated whether Blackboard is still the best fit LMS for Tri-C.

There will be ample opportunities for involvement.

Please see the full information on the LMS page.  We would love for you to “follow” our blog (blue button on the left-hand side), so that you get emails with breaking news to keep you in the know.

We will be updating information shared as it happens and inviting input at all stages.  And use this blog to provide us with feedback!  Also, if you know any fellow faculty at other institutions in Ohio that use an LMS other than Blackboard, please email so that I can reach out to connect us with more info on LMSs from the faculty perspective.  We don’t just want the vendor’s view and information.  We want to know what it looks like for the instructor, day-to-day, in class with students.

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