LMS Review Initial Demos Posted

LMS LOGO smallThe demos from Friday, February 14th are now available!  Remember these demos are not to judge Learning Management Systems (like Blackboard), they are just part of an initial “look see” that will allow us to see what else is out there to include in our needs analysis.

Please refer to the LMS Review Page for information about the entire initiative, its steps, etc., and help us to keep everyone up-to-date by encouraging them to “follow” our blog at eLearningandinnovation.com.

Separate pages have been posted for each of the main 4 LMSs that we viewed that day.  We also saw a little bit of a social learning add-on, but as that is not an entire LMS, it will be posted as a separate category.  We also included Blackboard in our day, and they provided more of a “what’s next” overview, as that is the system the college currently uses.

Blackboard (Find their vetting page on our website here).


Canvas (Find their vetting page on our website here.)


Desire2Learn (Find their vetting page on our website here.)


MoodleRooms (Find their vetting page on our website here.)


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