Surveys and how we’re using the feedback from students, faculty, and staff

The Technology Forum LMS Review Team (made up of full-time faculty, administrative representatives and technical staff) wants to provide the opportunity for feedback on our Blackboard analysis (the Learning Management System Review).  To address it, we did a couple of things:

  • We have separate surveys for staff, faculty and students that will be analyzed separately.
  • We’re having participants indicate their employment status at the college (tenured faculty, adjunct faculty, union, non-union, full or part-time, etc.)

The Team felt strongly that we wanted to provide ample opportunities for the entire college to participate in providing feedback.  The survey analysis is being used to develop the needs analysis and then the rubric, so it won’t be used to specifically select an LMS.  Staff in different roles may have undergone training in Blackboard here at Tri-C, or have other experience with other LMSs as students in higher education institutions themselves that can be very valuable in our process.

With thanks! – Sasha

2 thoughts on “Surveys and how we’re using the feedback from students, faculty, and staff”

  1. Sasha, Can you please tell us when the LAST day to complete the survey is? The email that includes the survey link does not include this information. Thank you! Kate

    1. Good point! Originally it was going to be mid-next week, but we’ll extend to Friday, May 2 and notify everyone. Look for the info here, on the Bb tab, and the Bb login page. – Sasha

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