Textbook Affordability Initiatives – Summer and Fall 2014

The Textbook Affordability Taskforce has identified several different opportunities for faculty participation in Summer and Fall 2014.

To find out more, review Textbook Affordability Pilot Options 2014.

More information on Textbook Affordability at Tri-C can be found on the eLi Blog at:

If interested in learning more, contact Cheryl.Knight@tri-c.edu


2 thoughts on “Textbook Affordability Initiatives – Summer and Fall 2014”

  1. Who, exactly, is on the Textbook Affordability Taskforce? And was any effort made to coordinate that membership with people who have served on textbook selection committees–particularly in the function of chair?

    1. Hi George,

      Great questions.

      1) The list of members is at: https://elearningandinnovation.com/pilots-and-initiatives/textbook-affordability/.

      2) No. However, your question is quite timely.

      This year has been a transitional year at the College and with this particular group as well. The Textbook Affordability Taskforce had its final meeting of the academic year was last week, and one agenda item was a discussion/brainstorm of the future state and vision of this group. The group noted Textbook Affordability Taskforce needs a formal mission, as the work seems to have evolved over the years without a shared vision. Your suggestion is an excellent recommendation and parallels this discussion, as the team concluded it is a time to revision the group’s vision, focus, and taskforce membership.


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