What’s New in Blackboard after the Update?

The May 2014 Blackboard update added the following features and improvements.

  • Date Management
  • Improved Grading for Blogs, Wikis & Journals

Using Due Dates was a little challenging.  But now with the new Date Management tool changing dates on all the tests, assignments and course materials can be completed in the matter of a few clicks. Ever think of how nice it would be to get the Inline grading features of Blackboard Assignments when using Blogs and Wikis? Well now you can.   Blackboard heard so many good reviews on Inline grading capability that it was also added to Blogs, Wikis and Journals. Here are a couple of videos so you can see how the changes appear in Blackboard.

Due Date Management

Improved Inline Grading

Post Edited: We got a little excited about the update and incorrectly listed Integrated Safe Assignments as one of the updated features. Streamlining Safe Assignments and native Blackboard Assignments is coming, but not yet.  In the meantime Safe Assign and Safe Assignments are still available.

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