LMS Review Update – July 1, 2014

So what has been going on with the LMS Review Taskforce?  The Taskforce is hard at work gathering feedback and moving ahead with what we’re calling “Sprints” – 2-week projects with specific deliverables to make decisions and keep the project moving forward.  Sprints conducted over the past 2 weeks include:

  • Review of survey results from our consultants (soon to be shared)
  • Gathering of additional feedback from faculty (via the Faculty Communication Work Group)
  • Progress on the creation of the RFP (RFP Work Group)

Faculty – interested in learning more? Faculty representatives from each campus have volunteered to be your point people for faculty communication.  If you have questions that you want answered by a fellow faculty member, contact your local representative:

  • East Campus and Work Group Lead – Angela Mensah
  • Metro Campus – Pat Stansberry
  • West Campus – John Kerezy
  • Westshore Campus – Michael Piero

On June 30, we conducted the first of the official demos.  Blackboard kicked it off.  A recording of the demo can be found here:  https://breeze.tri-c.edu/p2i1a8tj0i1/.  It is also on the Vetting Blackboard page from the LMS Review section of this site.

Thanks and have a great one! – Sasha

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