LMS Review Update

Here’s the latest from the LMS Review Taskforce. Last week the Taskforce participated in two vendor demos: Canvas and Brightspace. We had lots of questions for each vendor, in fact we had more questions than we had time. So, we will be sending a list of written questions to each vendor.

It’s so exciting to see the workgroups making progress on their sprints:

  • The RFP Workgroup is expecting to complete the RFP by September 2nd.
  • The Communications Workgroup is writing and submitting an article for Inside Tri-C.
  • The Faculty Communications Workgroup is creating on a fun poster campaign to get the word out about the LMS Review.  Look for posters at a campus near you!

Thanks to all the LMS Review Taskforce members for your time and dedication to this project.  Remember this is an inclusive process, so let your voice be heard.  Complete the Feedback Form here and don’t forget to follow this blog by clicking the blue button in the navigation area on the left-hand side.

-Melanie Thompson LMS Review Project Coordinator & On-the-Ground Reporter

2 thoughts on “LMS Review Update”

  1. Hello Melanie,
    Is there any way to view a side-by-side analysis of the LMS’s under review so that we may follow the process? Please advise…
    Thank you,

    1. Hello Professor Primuth,

      We are working on a document that compares the functions of each LMS under review. Once we have the document complete we will post it to the blog.

      Stay tuned,

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