7 thoughts on “Blackboard is up and running”

    1. Kate – That browerchecker link was updated several weeks ago. Can you let us know where you found it? It must be something that got through the loop. Is it in the syllabus template as incorrect? We can work with Curriculum to have them update it! – Sasha

      1. Hi Sasha,
        Yes I did receive the updated links a couple weeks ago. Thanks to Genevieve for responding to my request. The issue is that ELI should inform us every time links or routes are changed to websites. Many of us copy the URL for links directly into our course documents (PDFs or Word docs) including our syllabi, our announcements, assignment instructions, template language for responding to student problems, or we build the links into our course sites with course links. When you guys change something and don’t inform us, then the links show up as “broken” and then we have to go back and change them everywhere, in all of our previously built sites and various documents. This is time consuming, especially at the last moment when we stumble upon the change. It would be helpful if we were informed of changes ahead of time instead of discovering them ourselves. This blog would be the perfect avenue for that type of announcement from ELI. Thanks, Kate

        1. Hi Kate –

          In this case, eLi did inform faculty:) We’ve greatly improved our communication avenues over the past year and a half for just this reason!

          The updated link was provided via the blog on 8/22/14 with the start of semester information. Find the link to that blog post HERE. It should have also arrived in your email inbox as a subscriber of the blog. It was also updated on the Bb tab. We don’t have the ability to retroactively change the syllabus template, so there are updates that you will have to do in your template. We agree that the blog is a great way to reach faculty with these types of changes:) You can always contact me directly on how you feel that eLi can improve our customer service.

          I will be working with Curriculum so that the syllabus template itself can be updated for faculty who want to download it and use it today:) With the departmental changes, we are working out the internal coordination between departments.

          With thanks! – Sasha

          1. Yes, but no where in that blog post does it indicate that these are **NEW** URLs. Unless it says that these URLs have changed, I assume that I am all good, and I have nothing to fix in my course sites since I already have the links to these things in my materials. I am not going to pull out my course site and compare the URLs, and I don’t know them by heart. Please let us know when the links CHANGE since this is what is most important to us. Thank you.

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