Welcome to the Fall 2014 Semester Start

Reminders to keep you moving:  

PLEASE NOTE:  The browser checker link has been updated!  It has been changed in the Bb tab resources as well, however if you have the old link in your syllabus it will show up as broke.  Find that new link here:  https://dlwebapp.tri-c.edu/BrowserChecker/.  Shout out to Professor Cantonese for the suggestion!

You can find support resources for yourself at:  https://elearningandinnovation.com/faculty-resources/, and resources for your students at: http://eli.tri-c.edu/Student/Blackboard/How-To/. Remember, help documents come pre-loaded in your Blackboard site  under the “Tech Requirements and Computer Skills Needed” section of the “Start Here” button in your course site.

Here is a list of the Newest Blackboard Features.  Click on each link to get details on how the new feature works.

Here is a quick link to the Browser Checker just in case you want to repost it for your students.

Don’t forget that  Known Issues are posted on the eLi blog.  Click “Follow” now and get up-to-the-minute email updates on new postings or save the direct link to your browser favorites. https://elearningandinnovation.com/faculty-resources/known-issues/.

Have a great semester and as always you can reach eLi Support at (216) 987-4257 or by emailing elifacultysupport@tri-c.edu!

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