New Next Week – Profile Pics aka “Avatars”

Next week, “Avatars” will be enabled in Blackboard.  “Avatars” are simply Blackboard’s fancy name for profile picture.  Students and faculty will be able to upload photos of themselves that will be seen on discussion forums.  Enabling this functionality within Blackboard can increase student engagement – shown to impact student success and academic achievement, which is what we’re all about!

On Monday, October 27, this functionality will be enabled.  It is entirely voluntary to use this feature.  You will find the below disclaimer in several locations, including on the Blackboard Tab.

You can now add a profile picture or “avatar”.   This profile picture will help your fellow students and instructors get to know you.

Profile pictures (or “avatars”) will be utilized by your instructor to identify you, ensure proper student enrollment, and to comply with the legal financial aid attendance guidelines. Any inappropriate picture uploaded/inserted will be removed. The use of inappropriate pictures is a violation of the Student Code of Conduct, and will be grounds for disciplinary action. Students and faculty can report inappropriate pictures to their respective campus’ Office of the Dean of Student Affairs.

Uploading your pic (or “avatar”) requires just a few clicks.  We are strongly recommending resizing pictures using these directions.

Questions?  Contact us or reply to this post! – Sasha

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