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Come Join Our Sandbox!

**This message is specifically for Tri-C faculty.**

Blackboard LogoHere’s another way to get involved in the LMS Review!

We’d like to invite you to take part in our review of the college’s Learning Management System (LMS) by exploring or “sandboxing” . Currently, we use Blackboard, but a lot has changed in the nearly two decades we’ve been using Blackboard, so we’re considering the many options now available (including Blackboard, of course).

What would I have to do?

We want you to test, or sandbox, the Learning Management Systems under review. That will mean using the LMSs as faculty, as students, as someone who wants to learn how and how well each LMS does what you need it to do.

Will I be compensated?

Excellent  question. A full-time faculty member can receive two (2) service credits under 4.06: Bb Faculty Advance Preview Group.  As a participant in sandboxes (“fake” test courses) for each LMS, faculty will:

  • assess functionality
  • fill out rubrics as part of assessing that functionality
  • connect with and discuss the potential LMSs with colleagues

An adjunct faculty member can receive three (3) stipend credits. Contact Andy Pegman to confirm participation.

Sounds great. What do I need to do so I can play in a sandbox?

Respond to the person who contacted you. If you reply by email, please copy Pat Stansberry at

I’d like to know more. Where can I get a big picture view of the project?

Simple. Check out the brief video linked here and below, and go to the LMS Review blog at

Video link for LMS Review update video

7 thoughts on “Come Join Our Sandbox!”

  1. I would like to try out the new LMS. Please let me know the steps to log in and join Sandbox. Thank you, Raj ________________________________

  2. Hi; I have been on sandboxes before. Please sigh me up and confirm.

    PS: I cannot find Sasha’s e-mail address to reply.

    Gloria C. C. Britton

    Adjunct Professor Earth Science

    Cuyahoga Community College Western Campus


    1. HI Gloria –
      You should have gotten an email from me:). Let me know if you have any further questions. (I get the blog posts, so you can always contact me through here, or at Sasha.Thackaberry at tri-c.EDU) – Sasha

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