Help Celebrate National Distance Learning Week

Did you know that it is National Distance Learning Week?  There are free professional development sessions galore – find links to webinars below from some great organizations like the Online Learning Consortium (OLC – formerly SLOAN-C), Quality Matters, Pearson and other publishers and colleges.

Check out this GREAT timeline that one of my students – Victoria Reed – created this past summer in my course at Kent State University.  (Also, this is a prime example of how student-generated content can be reused.  With permission of course!)history of distance learning timeline graphic - Valerie Reed

But let’s take a trip back in time.  Contemporary online learning was really born in the early to mid-1990’s, though it’s been going on with available technology far before that.  eLearning is no longer an add on to traditional education, or even a separate entity – it is embedded in education at all levels.  With 25 – 30% of public universities and community college enrollments from online and hybrid/blended courses nationally (Tri-C’s figure is 30% of FTE is from online and blended courses), new available technology and pedagogical focus areas are gaining traction including competency-based education, Prior Learning Assessment (PLA), Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) and integrated MOOC models (LOOCs, SPOCs, etc.), the use of game mechanics or gamification in college environments, adaptive learning and new social pedagogies  (i.e. connectivism, etc.).

The below Softchalk illustrates some developments in distance learning throughout history.

Check out these great (and mainly free) PD opportunities:

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