Are Your Students Ready for Online – Take This Survey!

Are you a faculty member at Tri-C?  We want to hear from you about your needs regarding preparing students for success in online and blended classes.  Take this SHORT, 9 minute survey to help us help your students before 11:59 PM on Monday, February 9!

This survey asks if you feel your students are prepared to take online and blended courses, if you would like an optional assessment that you could use in your Blackboard class, and if you feel that short, self-graded lessons on success skills for online learning would be helpful to prepare students.

We will be using these results to plan for new resources for student success online, so we want to hear from you!  30% of Tri-C’s FTE comes from online and blended classes, and over 2/3 of all Tri-C students are in Blackboard every semester, so student preparation for learning in a digital world is crucial for retention and graduation!

We want to hear from you! – Sasha


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