What’s New in Blackboard? (In Summer 2015)

With the recent Blackboard update, several new functions were added or significantly updated for faculty. Here are four tools that are new or improved in Blackboard this summer. A link to more information from Blackboard Help is available at the end of each paragraph:

Anonymous Grading​New!  With the new Anonymous Grading function, instructors can hide student names from submitted Assignments for anonymous grading. This new option is only for use with new or existing Blackboard Assignments and is set up from the Assignment Grading Options area. Instructors still have the ability in the Grade Center to “Grade with User Names Hidden” for Assignments and Tests/Quizzes.  Learn more about Anonymous Grading from Blackboard Help.

Delegated GradingNew!  The new Delegated Grading option enables instructors to assign specific Instructors, TAs, or Graders in a course to grade a particular set of student Blackboard Assignments. This is helpful for courses with multiple instructors, and can be used in combination with Anonymous Grading. Learn more about Delegated Grading from Blackboard Help.

SafeAssignUpdated!  SafeAssign is now a part of regular Blackboard Learn Assignments. You can choose to use SafeAssign by selecting Submission Details and selecting ” Check submissions for plagiarism using SafeAssign” for any new or existing Blackboard Assignment. Note that SafeAssign reports do not appear for Anonymously graded assignments until all grades are submitted and student identities are revealed. Learn more about the new version of SafeAssign from Blackboard Help.

Student PreviewNew!  Instructors can now view their course as a student in their course site by using the Student Preview tool. This lets instructors see the course from the student perspective without logging out and logging in again with their faculty-as-student accounts. Faculty can use the Student Preview to submit assignments and tests, to create blog, discussion, and journal posts, and to view the My Grades area from the student perspective. Faculty can also choose whether to keep or discard the preview user and its data when exiting the Student Preview view of the course. Learn more about the Student Preview tool in your Blackboard course sites from Blackboard Help.

As always, some aspects of Blackboard may not work as they should. Visit the Known Issues page for a current list of Blackboard issues. If you are experiencing an issue and don’t see it listed on the Known Issues page, please contact us at eLiFacultySupport@tri-c.edu or (216) 987-4257.

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