Blackboard Access During My Tri-C Space Outage

You will still be able to access Blackboard during the My Tri-C Space outage due to the upgrade.  There will be no change in courses.

How do you access Blackboard?  You will be able to still go to  ITS will be putting up a page that has a direct link to Blackboard.  If you normally go directly to Blackboard at, you can still do that too!

You should be able to use Blackboard as normal during the upgrade.  If you have support needs during this time, call (216) 987-4257 or email

When the My Tri-C Space upgrade occurs, you will no longer have a Blackboard Tab – but those resources will now be located within Blackboard as soon as you login!  See before/after screenshots below:

BEFORE  😦My Blackboard Page - Before


Screenshot of Blackboard module page after changes

We hope you like the new look/feel!  – Sasha

2 thoughts on “Blackboard Access During My Tri-C Space Outage”

  1. Hi Sasha,

    Thank you for this information.

    Who can I contact regarding Blackboard for fall semester? I understand Blackboard will be upgraded for fall and I just want to find out if we can still roll over previous courses. I have to set mine up early as I will be out of town the week before the semester starts.

    Any help or direction would be appreciated.

    Thank you, Linda Carruth Adjunct in Visual Communications

    1. Hi Professor Carruth – You don’t need to worry about Fall 2015. Everything is business as usual – no upgrade. There will be a small upgrade in December to Blackboard, but the “big” upgrade to the new version of Blackboard is not planned to occur before Fall 2016. So you should be good to go! I really appreciate you asking this on the blog, because if you have the concern, usually other folks do as well, and we’re able to spread the word faster! – Sasha

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