Message from IT Regarding Instructor PC Login

Hi All!  We’re sharing the below message from IT in order to get it out to all Tri-C faculty asap.  Please contact IT with any questions regarding it at 987-4357.  Best! – Sasha

Based on faculty feedback regarding the need to use “ccc_network\” when logging into classroom-based instructor PCs, ITS has identified a solution that will address this immediate need:

  • Starting at 6:30 AM ET on Friday, September 18th, faculty will no longer need to use “ccc_network\” in front of their username when logging into a classroom-based instructor PC.
  • Faculty will be able to log into these machines using only their username, just like on their office PCs.

There should be no negative impact from a faculty perspective. Please note the following:

  • If a faculty member encounters a classroom-based instructor PC that does not enable a faculty member to login using only his/her username, then please report the issue to the HelpDesk at x4357 or via email at Faculty members can still login to these machines by using “ccc_network\” in front of their username until the issue has been corrected.
  • Any student who logs into a classroom-based instructor PC will now need to use his/her email address (, which is how students access their email currently
  • If a faculty member needs to log into a normal lab PC or a Learning Commons PC, then he/she will still need to use “ccc_network\” in from of his/her username.

A more detailed description of the issue, resolution, impact, timeline, ongoing monitoring, and the future state can be found here.

We sincerely appreciate your partnership as we work to enhance the faculty experience in the classroom. – IT and Technow

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