Introducing . . . SoftChalk Create Online!

softchalk create online

Ever wish you could make quick little edits to your SoftChalk lessons without having to launch the entire SoftChalk Create program? Have you been on the go and only had your iPad or tablet with you to make revisions to a lesson? Or maybe you just want to run SoftChalk Create from your desktop without logging into Tri-C Private Cloud?

SoftChalk is making those wishes a reality with the SoftChalk Create Online ‘Quick Editor’, and SoftChalk Local Launch!

SoftChalk Create Online ‘Quick Editor’ allows users to:

  • Add or edit text as well as applying text formatting,
  • Insert bookmarks, hyperlinks, iframes and tables,
  • Modify properties for an existing image as well as insert a URL to an image,
  • Work on Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or IE and,
  • Allows editing on your iPad or Tablet.

SoftChalk Create Local Launch allows users to start building SoftChalks without opening Tri-C SoftChalk Cloud Private.

To begin using Create Online, simply log into your SoftChalk Cloud account, select ‘My Content’ and ‘Lessons’ find the pencil icon and click! To begin using Create Local Launch download the Create Local Launch .exe file, review the instructions and contact customer care (987-4357) for assistance installing it on your computer.

Need a quick reference? Use the updated on SoftChalk Create Online in the SoftChalk Cloud Guide (pgs. 38-48) to get started!


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