Softchalk – Creating Lessons – Training

SoftChalk is an award winning content authoring software for creating interactive lessons.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Metro Campus MHCS 223

SoftChalk – Creating Lessons – Building a Foundation

9 am – 12 pm

Learn from the SoftChalk corporate trainer the basics of SoftChalk Cloud and Create. Receive an overview of numerous activities and objects you can create to add interactivity to your stylized lessons. You’ll have the opportunity to make and take activities in this hands – on workshop which you can use in your Blackboard course site as scored or unscored items. Learn how to create a SoftChalk ebook and reusable learning objects to share with your colleagues. Receive personal assistance from the Centers for Learning Excellence (CLE) staffers during this session.

SoftChalk – Creating Lessons – Beyond the Basics

1- 4 pm

Learn from the SoftChalk corporate trainer deeper learning activities including quiz groups, branching lessons, working with equations, polling and much more. Additionally, there will be plenty of time to create your own lessons in this hands – on workshop with the help of the SoftChalk trainer and the Centers of Learning Excellence (CLE) Instructional Technologists.

Walk-ins welcome or enroll in TEC for stipend/service credit.

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