College Completion

Why do we do what we do in the Office of eLearning & Innovation?

Our focus is to get students the support, the knowledge, the skills and technology tools they need to be successful in college, and graduate to join the workforce.  How does eLi do it?

  • By providing critical support and personalized assistance to students and faculty on eLearning technologies
  • By ensuring quality in eLearning environments with instructional designers and developers
  • By supporting technologies related to eLearning like Blackboard Learn and Adobe Connect
  • By implementing large scale initiatives in support of college completion, like the Title III Grant
  • By researching, piloting, and implementing new kinds of instructional technology in eLearning environments

Tri-C’s Strategic Goals

The Office of eLearning and Innovation works daily to help meet the college’s mission, vision, and values.  In addition, eLi supports the strategic goals of the college:

  1. Student Success:  eLi initiates, applies, and supports a broad range of innovative technologies for teaching and learning that directly impact student success and degree completion.
  2. Broadening Our Reach:  eLi – by charge – reaches students at a distance through our Learning Management System (Blackboard Learn), through edugaming initiatives, and other innovative programs in support of distance learning students.
  3. Culture:  eLi supports improvements in key contact points with students through projects like the eLearning Orientation, eAdvising, eTutoring, and the New Student Orientation Online.
  4. Measuring Effectiveness:  eLi collects data on Tri-C students in eLearning environments, social media engagement, faculty workshops on Blackboard Learn, and other critical metrics.

american association of community colleges logoVoluntary Framework for Accountability (VFA)

The American Association of Community Colleges has developed a national accountability framework in response to the, “growing concern that providing access to students is not enough and that colleges must also assume responsibility for increasing success rates.”  The Office of eLearning and Innovation aims to assist in the goals of the VFA on a variety of fronts, in alignment with college goals for student completion.

Achieving the Dream logo

Achieving the Dream (ATD)

The Office of eLearning and Innovation assists with the goals of ATD, including successful completion of developmental education courses, gatekeeper courses, academic success, re-enrollment, and certificate or degree attainment by providing multiple touchpoints for just-in-time remediation, assisting with quality in eLearning environments, providing support to students and faculty, housing and supporting the Learning Management System, and piloting and implementing new technologies for student achievement.

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